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An Evening Loaded with Talent, Moving Stories and Challenges for Prince Royce, Roberto Tapia and Natalia Jimenez, who Battled Intensely to Add More Young Voices to their Teams

Co-Host Jorge Bernal Joined Penelope Menchaca Last Night on “Suelta La Sopa Extra,”

Together with Special Guests Pedro Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s Father, and Christo Escalante from #TeamTapia

MIAMI – March 31, 2014 – Prince Royce, Roberto Tapia and Natalia Jimenez, Coaches of “La Voz Kids,” selected nine more voices during last night’s third round of “Blind Auditions.”  On this round, the new voices came from Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Nevada and Puerto Rico, showcasing their talent while sharing moving stories that brought them to the much-desired music stage as they join 16 kids previously selected by the coaches.


During four of the musical presentations on last night’s episode, the three Coaches turned their chairs simultaneously and the power shifted to the contestants to select their favorite Coach.  At the end of the “Blind Auditions”, each team will have 18 contestants who will participate in the “Battle Rounds,” leading to the ultimate selection of the “La Voz Kids” second season winner.


PRINCE ROYCE added three female voices to #TeamRoyce, completing half of his team, with nine members:




  • SACHIELLY MERCADO, 14 years old from Parkland, Florida, of Puerto Rican descent. Her father is a musician and she wants to follow his footsteps; at one point when he was very sick, she sang religious songs to him, contributing to her desire to continue their musical legacy.  She sang a Pop song in English, and as the only Coach to press his button, Prince Royce stated “it would have been an injustice not turning my chair and leave her out of the competition, she has a great voice.”


  • MARANGELYS VICENS, 15 years old from San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico.  She loves to sing ballads and has a powerful voice that showcases her passion for music.  Her mother describes her as cheerful, friendly and with amazing human qualities.  The three Coaches were so impressed by her voice that they turned their chairs simultaneously.  Natalia and Roberto Tapia were surprised by her choice to belong to #TeamRoyce.


  • ANGELY RABSATT, 14 years old from Bronx, New York, of Puerto Rican descent.  She loves to sing salsa, and spent two years in bed due to a condition in her spine; thanks to a donation from a foundation, she received the surgery she needed to “get back to life and be healthy” and be able to sing again.  The three Coaches pressed their buttons and fought hard to conquer her as she wept from excitement.  Natalia said she had a very special “gift in her voice,” but she opted for Prince Royce, for whom she feels great admiration.


ROBERTO TAPIA this time took three voices to #TeamTapia, now with eight members:



  • CHRISTO ESCALANTE, Seven years old from Mt. Pleasant, Texas.  This little boy with an amazing charisma loves to sing Regional Mexican.  He was born with health issues and considers himself Tapia’s biggest fan.  Very sure of himself he states:  “I’m a winner already even if I don’t win the competition.”  He could not stop singing and telling jokes to the Coaches.  Natalia turned her chair and became fascinated with him; Prince Royce regretted not having pressed the button, and in the end, he chose Roberto Tapia as his Coach by cleverly saying “I also want your voice Tapia.”


  • JULIO YANEZ, 14 years old from Edinburg, Texas.  The Banda music singer has cerebral palsy and claims music is his therapy, keeping him cheerful and motivated.  Though Prince Royce turned his chair and wanted to impress him by wearing a Mexican hat in order to garner more regional Mexican talent, the boy who acknowledges his dad is his hero, achieved his goal to become #TeamTapia, wearing a Mexican hat during his performance that had been autographed by Tapia a while back.


  • NAYELI RODRIGUEZ, 12 years old from Kissimmee, Florida.  Originally from Puerto Rico, the ballad singer stated she would like to be a spokesperson for campaigns “against bullying.”  Roberto Tapia, the only one to turn his chair during the last second of her performance, said “she has an angelic voice, great talent and is a blessing to have her on the team.”


NATALIA JIMENEZ this time added three female voices to #TeamNatalia, now with eight participants.



  • LESLIE MENDOZA, 13 years old of Bensenville, Illinois.  She likes to sing Regional Mexican, and finds great pride in being a role model for her 3-year-old sister.  The three Coaches turned as Royce and Tapia began to defend their different styles of “conquering participants.”  Natalia, extremely impressed with her grace and talent, took Leslie for her team.


  • ITALIA PEREZ, 13 years old from Ark City, Kansas.  She loves to perform Banda music and shares her love of singing with her mother.  Her grandfather’s support of her music is very important to her.  Though her talent was much liked by the three Coaches, Natalia was the only one to turn her chair saying how impressed she was with the strength of her voice.


  • JEYSHANGELISE GARCIA, 14 years old from Nagüabo, Puerto Rico.  She likes ballads and belongs to a group of young girls who perform at their school.  Her family is her inspiration; she has great self-confidence, and a very strong voice.  The three Coaches turned; Royce and Tapia battled to conquer her, but to their jealousy, she chose Natalia, saying that she finds great inspiration in her music.


The Coaches of “La Voz Kids” continue their search during next Sunday’s Blind Auditions, when a new group of young voices battle for their dreams to become “The Voice Kids.”


For exclusive access to all the behind-the-scenes action from La VozKids, visit and  Viewers can follow the excitement via, and using #LVK, #TeamTapia, #TeamRoyce, and #TeamNatalia.


Renowned TV personality Jorge Bernal, co-host of “La Voz Kids,” joined Penelope Menchaca on “Suelta La Sopa Extra” (10pm/9c), the after show of the music reality show.  Last night’s show, featured Jenni Rivera’s father Pedro Rivera and the amazing seven-year-old Christo Escalante, who was selected last night for #TeamTapia.

“La Voz Kids” is a presentation of Talpa Media USA Inc. The show is created by John de Mol, who is the Executive Producer, along with Stijn Bakkers and Katrina Fernandez.


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