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Season Premieres of GOLD RUSH & FLYING WILD ALASKA This Friday at 9 and 10pm


GOLD RUSH Returns to Strike it Rich – Or So They Hope – As Best Laid Plans Go Awry

Season Premiere Episode:  It’s the mining off-season and there are some big decisions facing the GOLD RUSH crews.  Refusing to give up, Jack and Todd make the decision during the off-season to go deeper into debt, acquiring better equipment and crew, and a second claim, for one more crack at hitting the motherlode.  But, just days before the start of the season, they get some disastrous news: an essential water license did not come through. As the Hoffman crew returns to Porcupine creek for a make or break year, they absolutely have to find gold, and FAST.  And this year they’re no longer rookie miners – they’ve come back bigger and better than before, finding more gold in the first few days than they found all of last season.  Meanwhile, “Dakota Fred” Hurt has his own ideas for Porcupine, and arrives at the claim to drop a bombshell on the Hoffmans…


Back with the Daring & Darling Tweto Family + Crew, FLYING WILD ALASKA Hits the Windy Skies



Season Premiere Episode:  Back and busier than ever, the Twetos and the fun-loving Era Alaska crew are working hard crisscrossing the treacherous Alaskan skies to get locals and critical supplies around the region. The new season kicks-off with Jim and Ferno finally taking a little vacation, and leaving the terminal in the hands of the pilots for the first time! (EEK!)  Despite some extracurricular sledding Ariel and Ponts undertake in their down time, the crew definitely find themselves facing some legitimate piloting challenges all by themselves – not to mention precarious weather.  Ponts struggles with heavy turbulence – and queasy passengers – on a flight through the windy Nulato Hills.  And Sarah takes flight to rescue a villager, and to prove herself for a very important promotion.

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