The Blacklist October 28

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L+7 Highlights for the First “Blacklist” to Run Without a “Voice” Lead-In:
  • The first “Blacklist” to air without a “Voice” lead-in (Jan. 13) has jumped 1.93 rating points in L+7 results, from a 2.54 to a 4.47, a +76% increase.  That’s the second-biggest percentage increase to date for “The Blacklist” among the show’s first 11 originals (the Nov. 4 telecast grew by 80%).
  • That moved “The Blacklist” to #1 among regularly scheduled Big 4 dramas for that Jan. 13-19 week (excludes that Sunday’s post-NFL preview of “The Following” on Fox).
  • In L+7, “The Blacklist” finished within 14% of its prior original, the fall finale on Dec. 2, despite losing the “Voice” lead-in for the Jan. 13 telecast (4.47 vs. 5.20 on Dec. 2).  In L+SD, the Jan. 13 “Blacklist” had finished within 22% of the fall finale (2.54 vs. 3.24).
  • In total viewers, the “Blacklist” grew by more than 6 million in L+7 for a seventh time, with the Jan. 13 telecast growing by 6.1 million (to 15.4 million in L+7 from 9.3 million in L+SD).
In L+3 results for Last Week:
  • The Jan. 27 “Blacklist” set another all-time record for biggest L+3 viewer increase at 5.6 million. (to 15.8 million in L+3 vs. 10.2 million in L+SD)
  • The Blacklist” has now delivered the eight biggest L+3 total-viewer increases of all time going from L+SD to L+3 results.
L+7 Details for Jan. 13:
  • The Jan. 13 “Blacklist” is the show’s seventh episode to jump by more than 6 million viewers going from next-day “live plus same day” ratings to “live plus seven day,” with an increase of 6.060 million (to 15.408 million from 9.348 million).
  • In adults 18-49, the Jan. 13 “Blacklist” was the week’s #1 regularly schedule drama on the Big 4 nets in L+7 (excludes Sunday’s post-NFL preview of “The Following”), growing 1.93 rating points or 76% from a 2.54 rating to a 4.47.  In L+SD, “Blacklist” had been the #2 regularly scheduled drama for the week behind “NCIS.”
L+3 Details for Jan. 27:
  • Last week’s “Blacklist” set a new all-time record for biggest “live plus three-day” viewer increase on U.S. broadcast or cable television, growing by 5.628 million viewers versus that night’s “live plus same day” result from Nielsen Media Research (to 15.799 million vs. 10.171 million).
  • That broke the record set by “The Blacklist” one week earlier of a 5.430 million increase (to 14.262 million vs. 8.832 million).
  • Week to week, “The Blacklist” is up 11% or 1.5 million viewers in L+3 results.
  • The Blacklist” has now delivered the eight biggest L+3 total-viewer increases of all time going from “live plus same day” to “live plus three day” results.
  • In adults 18-49, the Jan. 27 “Blacklist” jumped 68% or  1.72 rating points, from a 2.54 to a 4.25.
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