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On this week’s TONY BARNHART SHOW, which airs tonight at 9:00 PM, ET, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive joins Barnhart to discuss Missouri and Texas A&M playing their first games in the SEC and the format for college football’s new playoff system. In addition to Slive, the show features an interview with’s Gregg Doyel. The TONY BARNHART SHOW is a weekly one-hour primetime college football talk show.


Below are excerpts from the interview.



Some of us had a view that it ought to be the best four teams. Others had a view that it ought to be just champions. We were looking for a way to try to make it work for everybody. And the more we talked about it, the more we thought about it, we began to realize that a committee might really work… The committee will take into consideration a lot of different factors including strength of schedule, championships, head-to-head. It also avoids some of the anomalies the BCS suffered through over time.



The only thing we’ve really talked about so far in a very, very preliminary way with regard to a committee was the number. We need a large enough number to cover any recusals that might occur if someone represents a part of the country and there’s a team from there. But we really haven’t sat down to talk about who they should be. It’s obvious it’s going to have to be people who know a lot about college football and who appreciate the game. But those conversations, along with several others, will be beginning later this month. We purposely set those aside, and we’ve got to have conversations about the composition of the committee, revenue distribution, site selection for the semi-final games, site selection for the national championship game. So starting in the next couple of weeks, we’ll begin the discussions for each and every one of those components.

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