Earlier, I posted a bunch of stats for 2009 that were based on Live+7 viewing.  But, I didn’t realize the spreadsheet I had also had a Live+Same Day DVR viewing tab.  And there, Sons Of Anarchy season 2 was the #1 scripted show on basic cable, edging out Burn Notice season 3 with adults 18-49 2.564 million to 2.443 million.

Fear not True Blood fans.  It was still number on on all of cable with adults 18-49 for Live+SD viewing with 2.977 million average adults 18-49 viewers for the first airing of original episodes.

What’s it mean that SOA fared better in Live+SD viewing?  Probably not a whole lot, though if SOA had more live viewers (unfortunately I didn’t see the Live averages) that’s good news  for advertising sales when it comes to people not skipping ads on their DVRs.

On average, almost 300,000 more adults 18-49 watched Burn Notice on their DVRs after the night it aired (but within a week) than watched SOA after the night it aired.   I really enjoy both shows, but since SOA is my favorite (though I love me some Burn Notice) it was one last chance in 2009 to show it a little love. #1 and not just with me, but with adults 18-49 (who watched live or the same night it aired on their DVRs)!

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