Last night’s episode of  Sons of Anarchy saw its ratings drop a bit  from the 1.9 rating it had last week with adults 18-49 to a  1.7 rating.  It was still the number one cable show with adults 18-49 for the night,  and its 3.438 million were also down slightly from last week’s 3.475 million.

Alan Sepinwall wasn’t as excited about last night’s episode as the prior week’s, but hey, it isn’t easy to string together amazing episodes that are consecutively more amazing each week indefinitely.  As for the ratings drop, I can only speculate.   Upcoming  holiday?  Or facing off against the finale of Dancing With the Stars?   It’s not that hard to imagine there might be a small bit of crossover of SOA and DWTS fans.  Ok, maybe it is that hard to imagine it…

Next week: season finale!

Last night’s ratings info via @TVBill

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