Ding ding.  Round two of American Idol versus the Olympics is tonight, although tonight isn’t quite as much of a contest since tonight there is only one hour of American Idol. Last night there were two hours.  At 8pm FOX will air Human Target.

FOX has a streak of American Idol winning every single half hour versus its competition for six years.  That’s better than the women’s UCONN basketball team and last night FOX had an easier time with NBC than UCONN had with Oklahoma on Monday night.

Will tonight be any different?  Tonight features women’s downhill skiing and Lindsey Vonn who is first in line to be America’s sweetheart.  Will a tape-delayed Vonn provide an advantage to NBC?  Perhaps, but I’m guessing not enough of an advantage to topple American Idol between 9p-10p.

Last night FOX won easily, both with overall viewers and adults 18-49.  It was no surprise that American Idol won with adults 18-49, but its wide margin of victory was still surprising, at least to me.

Do you have more faith in Lindsey Vonn than I do?

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