The Renew/Cancel index is a treasure trove of information and we are constantly fiddling around with ways to make it more useful while also making it more accessible and easy to interpret for a wider audience.

Today I’m trying out a new feature: Worrying Wednesdays where I comb the Renew & Cancel index and figure out which shows I should be the most freaked out about, and think about which shows will be the first to go.  Here is my list:

RANK Show Network
1 Three Rivers CBS
2 The Forgotten ABC
3 Dollhouse FOX
4 Trauma NBC
5 Mercy NBC
6 Castle ABC
7 Melrose Place CW
8 Brothers FOX
9 Hank ABC
10 Parks & Rec NBC

In the case of Three Rivers, The Forgotten and Dollhouse, I’m not only worried that the shows will not make it to another season in 2010-2011, I’m worried that they won’t make it out of the the 2009-2010 season alive.

Three Rivers is number one on the Worrying Wednesdays list. If it makes it to the November sweeps I will be surprised.  Though I’m more worried that Dollhouse won’t finish the season than The Forgotten (I don’t think either will finish the season though) I have The Forgotten higher on the list only because Dollhouse airs on Fridays AND FOX has head-faked me before when it comes to Dollhouse.

I am also worried that Trauma, which dropped below a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating in its second week is not long for the world.  The rest of the list I am not as worried about — still worried, but not as much as with those four shows.

I’m not worried at all that Melrose Place is going away anytime soon, but it seemed wrong to exclude The CW from the list completely.  Hank and perhaps Parks & Recreation should be higher on my worry list, but the rules with the 30 minute sitcoms wind up seeming different than the rules for one hour scripted shows.  Brothers‘ ratings are just as bad/worse than Dollhouse, but as a 30 minute comedy FOX has several options on how to use it a while longer.

Law & Order isn’t on the Worrying Wednesdays list.  Even though it is NBC’s lowest-rated show, I’d rate the chances at zero that NBC would pull it off the air anytime soon.  Its prospects for next season are another story, but I’m not worried about it being in any imminent danger.

I know some of you think there’s no chance Castle will be pulled off the air before the season ends, but guess what?  I”m a little worried!

Check out all of the networks renew/cancel indexes and come to your own conclusions:

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