We seem to have constant discussions underway in our comments about how TV watching is doomed, a relic, being overwhelmed by the internet, DVDs, computer games, the next latest and greatest thing. Trouble is, and we’ve covered this many times, it’s just not true.

Persons Viewing

Average viewing per household continues to increase through the end of last season (2007-8). Who knows when that trend may reverse, but it certainly hasn’t happened yet. Now it is true that broadcast network TV viewing has been losing TV viewing share to advertising supported cable for nearly 30 years, but that speaks more to the future prospects of the broadcast networks than TV overall.

Some things in that chart I found interesting:

  • Today, Women 18+ average 10% more viewing than Men 18+, but in ’84-’85 it was nearly 20% more.
  • I’m not sure what happened between 84-85 and 89-90, but Men’s average viewing stayed constant while the other groups took some big dives.

The chart above is from the latest Nielsen Television Audience Report.

Copyright © 2009 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved

Note: Current data based on 2007-2008 data based on viewing from 9/24/07-9/21/08.
Persons data based on Live PUT viewing, plus DVR playback.

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