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A18+ was the bases for estimates for newspapers, consumer books, consumer magazines, out-of-home, yellow pages, home video and in-flight entertainment.

P12+ was the bases for estimates for Total TV, radio, recorded music, movies in theaters, videogames, consumer Internet and mobile content.

(1) Total TV includes Network-affiliated stations, Independent and Public stations, and Basic and Premium Cable, Satellite & RBOC Networks.

(2) Internet and mobile use of traditional media, such as downloaded music, newspaper websites or info alerts, e-books, cable modems, online video of TV programs and internet radio, was included in the traditional media segment, not in pure-play internet or mobile content. Pure-play internet and mobile services includes telecommunications access, such as DSL and dial-up, but not cable modems, pure-play content, such as eHarmony, GameSpy and MobiTV, and mobile instant messaging and e-mail alerts.

(3) Playback of prerecorded VHS cassettes and DVDs only.

Source: Veronis Suhler Stevenson Twenty-Second Edition 2009-2013

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