Broadcasting & Cable reports that DirecTV has notified its customers that it might drop the Comcast-owned sports channel Versus on September 1 unless the two sides can work out a carriage deal.

There are a lot of sports fans who have DirecTV, and Versus carries the gamut from college sports for certain conferences to extreme cage fighting to NHL games.

Normally my feeling is that these deals always get worked out in the eleventh hour.  Like when Time Warner Cable was threatening not to broadcast Viacom channels like Nickelodeon.  But the Viacom offerings are a pretty big part of any basic cable package.  Versus?  Not so much, really and there can’t be much love lost between DirecTV and Comcast.

So I’m not as sure this will be resolved by September 1.  Still, I’m guessing it gets worked out by October when Versus begins televising NHL games.  Versus is currently in around 75 million homes.

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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