Of course 3 airings of American Idol brought the weekly adults 18-49 ratings win to Fox, but more interesting was that ABC could only manage a tie with NBC. (chart indicates NBC slightly ahead, but the media rounds to one digit past the decimal point)

That 2.1 rating for NBC wasn’t a surprise, but it was for ABC. Don’t expect to see any TV media stories about ABC’s bad week though, lucky for them all eyes are on NBC.

If they can’t manage weekly wins over NBC by at least 0.6 ratings points, they’ll finish the season in 4th place in the all important adults 18-49 ratings.

Update with the weekly adults 18-34 and 25-54 ratings.

Note that the chart includes RATINGS not VIEWERS as was typical in our weekly network ratings posts prior to July, 2009.

Each rating point is a percentage of the US TV population in that demographic group and equals: 2.90 million viewers, 1.32 million adults 18-49, 0.68 million adults 18-34 and 1.24 million adults 25-54.

You can see past week’s broadcast network primetime weekly TV ratings results here.

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