In an excellent article at the LA Times, Meg James points out the kind of thing I like identifying first, darn her!

In a break with the past, ABC is sourcing 8 of its 11 new shows for 2009-10 from studios outside the Disney empire. But on the other hand NBC is sourcing 6 of 7 from NBC Universal Media Studios, and CBS picked up 4 of 6 new shows from CBS Paramount Television. So while the trend would seem to go more in house, the big Medium whoop-de-do being the highlight of that this week, ABC more quietly moved the other direction for next season.

[ABC] is breaking with tradition. On Tuesday, ABC rolled out its slate of new shows — and most come from outside suppliers.

The move might even save money for ABC because most shows fail, losing millions for the studios that produce them. Even successful programs typically lose money until there are enough episodes to sell as syndicated reruns.

Of the 11 new shows that won spots on ABC’s schedule for next season, eight are produced by other companies. The other three are financed by Disney.

“We are always going to pick the best shows,” Stephen McPherson, president of ABC Entertainment Group, said during a news conference to discuss the fall lineup. “We have to be in business with the outside community.”

Warner Bros. Television is producing five of the new shows for ABC. 20th Century Fox Television is providing two, and one comes from Sony Pictures Television and producer Mark Burnett.

“ABC is scheduling the best shows that they have regardless of ownership,” said Gary Newman, chairman of 20th Century Fox Television. “The Fox network does the same thing.”

Not everyone is so inclusive. General Electric Co.’s NBC network has adopted a more inward-focused philosophy than it had previously. Six of its seven new programs, including the prime-time Jay Leno show, will be produced by NBC’s Universal Media Studios. Similarly, CBS Corp.’s broadcast network picked up six new shows this week, and four of them will come from CBS Paramount Television.

read the rest of the excellent story at Los Angeles Times.

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