From TV Week:

“A lot of comedies on the air now are observational,” Mr. McPherson said. “There’s an intimacy missing when the sitcom isn’t on the air. I think there’s a place for it.”

Mr. McPherson said he still enjoys watching repeats of shows such as “Seinfeld” and “Home Improvement,” and explained that viewers right now are looking for “comfort food” to help them through difficult times.

As with all press tour sessions this week, the economy’s impact on programming was a key theme of Mr. McPherson’s session.

“We’re in one of the worst economies in 70 years, if not a century,” Mr. McPherson said. “We’re looking at everything we can do to be more effective. We have to look at everything across the board, from cost-cutting … to smarter ways to program our network. The world has shifted underneath these businesses. We need to be incredibly bold.”

Plus this little gem:

—Mr. McPherson said “According to Jim” is “probably (in) its final run. But you never say never. … ‘Jim’ has been an amazing asset for us.”

It boggles the mind in a multitude of ways, plus, apparently you never say never even after the set has been bulldozed!

Mcpherson also waxes on NBC’s bailing out of programming the 10pm block in favor of Jay Leno and more. Click over to TV Week to read the full article.

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