from a Broadcasting & Cable interview with Bill O’Reilly

Obviously, you and Keith Olbermann have ideological differences. But don’t you think this feud is good for both of you?

There is no feud. I have never mentioned the man’s name in my life and will never mention it. There is no feud. There’s no nemesis. All there is coming out of NBC are attacks on the Fox News Channel. [Jeff] Zucker allows it to happen. All we do is point out what they do. We don’t attack them personally. So there’s no feud. That’s inaccurate. That’s the way the media wants to play it.

I think we in the media can get a bit myopic. I don’t think people in Detroit who are losing their jobs care about media feuds.

I agree 100% on that. They don’t care about what so-and-so says. They don’t watch so-and-so. But the media has a responsibility to be honest. But when you have institutional sabotage, when you have a well-thought corporate strategy to attack another corporation by using smears and lies, you’re telling me that’s not a story?

Do you know Jeff Zucker?

Of course. I’ve known Zucker for a long time.

So what do you talk about when you bump into each other?

I don’t bump into him. He sees me, he runs.

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