Okay, I’m completely making that up. But it’s mostly out of wishful thinking more than pure fabrication (though it’s still purely fabricated). I’d love it so freaking much if FOX would drag in the real-life human lie detectors using the science showcased on Lie to Me and make a two hour special breaking down all the times Alex Rodriguez lied to Peter Gammons on Sportscenter and Katie Couric (fourteen months ago A-Rod was interviewed by Couric on 60 Minutes where Alex Rodriguez lied to her point blank, and repeatedly about his steroids usage).

I say a two hour special because all the times they’d have to pause the tape and explain why he was lying probably couldn’t be squeezed into a single hour. At least not with commercials.

It will never happen, for a variety of reasons, among them perhaps FOX’s contract with the MLB. But I wish the media would be more honest and more thorough in its coverage of this stuff because so much just winds up getting glossed over. Like HGH (human growth hormone) which is a.) undetectable and b.) seems to have a very good track record of working.

See that part about undetectable? I’d like to see more exploration on the odds that most athletes in most major sports leagues don’t use it. If they could test for HGH it wouldn’t surprise me at all if any of our favorite superstars in any major sports league used it. It’s not a steroid, but it reportedly helps greatly with recovery, which is a huge deal for high performance athletes in all sports, especially in sports where the seasons are long.

Undetectable! Chances A-Rod used HGH in the 2008 season? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! You disagree? Well, that’s why it would be really cool if they could actually get A-Rod and interview him on the Lie to Me style show. It never happens, but it’s kind of fun to think about.

It’s pretty clear that when the stakes are very high, people will cheat. And then quite often lie about their cheating. I have to give credit to A-Rod for at least being pretty smart and taking a page out of the Andy Petite (who fessed up, said he was sorry, moved on and was seemingly forgiven) book rather than the Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds (to name a couple) books.

But a Lie to Me handling of the A-Rod videos video would still be outstanding and I think it could probably pull 10 million viewers if promoted properly! We won’t know how many people watched the 6pm interview with Peter Gammons for a day or eight, if ever. But I imagine it winds up being one of the higher rated Monday Sportscenter airings in awhile.

2/23  Update: Robert is proven to have a crystal ball!

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