Perhaps, but we won’t be seeing Tricia Helfer as a model #6, and it won’t involve Ron Moore who executive produces the television series on SciFi that is currently winding down to its final episode.  Nope, this will be headed up by Glen Larson who created the original Battlestar Galactica (the Lorne Greene version) in the late 1970s.  From The Hollywood Reporter:

Just as the acclaimed Sci Fi Channel series “Battlestar Galactica” enters its final episodes, Universal has quietly entered into negotiations with Glen A. Larson to write and produce a big-screen version of the property he created.

“Battlestar,” which originally aired on ABC in 1978, was produced in the wake of the success of “Star Wars,” which caused a sci-fi revival in popular culture. The premise involved a human civilization living on a series of 12 planets that are decimated from an attack by intelligent robots known as Cylons. The survivors are led by a starship called Galactica in their attempt to find a mythic 13th planet named Earth.

Bill is a huge fan of the original series which was fairly short-lived, yet still wound up with a sequel (Galactica 1980) that was even shorter lived.  Bill is particularly enamored with the ubergeeky voice synthesized  Cylon centurion utterance of “By your command” (and if he weren’t on vacation he’d hijack this post and link to a sound file of said utterance).

We’re both huge fans of the current series and after waiting for a long, long time for some outstanding episodes, the last couple episodes were so good it was almost even worth all the waiting.  Hopefully tonight’s episode will be another great one.

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