westenI enjoyed tonight’s Burn Notice season two finale.  It was a bit different from most weeks because there wasn’t the typical COTW (client of the week) and the intensity from start to finish was amped up a bit because of  that.

In some ways it was like watching Burn Notice meets Battlestar Galactica meets Stargate: SG1…meets Frasier (or if you want to go even more olds school, the movie Say Anything).   It’s always a feast for the eyes to see Tricia Helfer who plays skinjob model number six (Caprica 6, and all other variations) on BSG, and as a pretty huge SG1 fan, always nice to see Michael Shanks as someone besides Daniel Jackson.   On Burn Notice, Helfer plays Carla, and Shanks is Victor, both characters out to get Michael Westen.

It turns out that even though Victor tried to kill Michael four times, it was Carla who was the ultimate bad guy.  It also turns out that Victor, despite being a trained killer, isn’t that bad of a guy and he becomes the COTW.  Carla and her goons try to take out Michael (and Michael’s mother) and Victor, but ultimately aided by Fiona and Sam,   Westen, and his friends and family all survive.

I won’t spoil how it all goes down, but let’s just say that unless Burn Notice goes all Lost on us and has some  six months ago style flashbacks, we won’t be seeing Carla and Victor on Burn Notice again.

But,  Michael does get to meet Carla’s boss, played by John Mahoney, most notably known as Frasier‘s dad.  Michael didn’t love what he had to say.  Things should heat up in season three and that will be here before you know it.  New episodes of Burn Notice will be back beginning in  June!

Burn Notice has been a hit on cable but it hasn’t broken 5 million viewers in terms of live plus same day DVR viewiers of the first airing of the new episode in a few weeks and I’ll be interested to see whether the season finale does.  Update: to quote commenter Brenna: This episode dusted 5 million. Indeed it did, it even burned through 6 million!

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