As has been fairly well documented, I don’t follow the development process much. Based on where my energies are, I don’t see that changing.   I could just be imagining it, but there seems to be more angst about the CW not picking up Body Politic than any show I can remember.   That’s based on comments here, articles I’ve seen, stuff on twitter, etc.  I’d blame it on the echo chamber, but it’s really the only show where that sort of sentiment is being echoed repeatedly.  I mean sure, a few people expressed displeasure that FOX didn’t pick up Ron Moore’s Virtuality (by the way, the airing of the pilot has been moved up from July 4th to June 26th at 8pm ET), but it hasn’t been on the same scale as what I’ve perceived with Body Politic.

With Body Politic, there seems to be some outrage.  And its coming from both industry insiders and writers at some of the bigger entertainment sites.  It’s not just fans of Veronica Mars and Supernatural who will pretty much always sneer at The CW and Dawn Ostroff no matter what The CW does.

Today, Natalie Abrams at E! Online’s Watch With Kristin began the lobbying process to get the show picked up as a mid-season replacement, calling Body Politic the best pilot you may never see:

Imagine a world in which a CW show has an actual chance of winning an Emmy. Thanks to network boss Dawn Ostroff, that world is slipping through her fingers.

We mean no disrespect to shows like Gossip Girl and Smallville, but if the CW ever wants us to take it seriously as a trademark network of our generation, it needs to branch out from its usual routine of picking up shows geared for a younger audience. The Body Politic is a cure to that problem.

In fact, The Body Politic would bring a new level of respect to the CW that we’ve yet to see since the network kicked off in 2006.

LOTS more (including video clips) on Watch With Kristin

It will be interesting to see whether there’s any kind of groundswell and whether it gets Dawn’s attention.  I think it’s possible that it might as Dawn has very good radar, at least when it comes to buzz.  While a lot of bloggers routinely take potshots at the CW and Ms. Ostroff,  E! Online is in general friend, not foe, to both shows and networks.  While for me and Bill, Natalie’s words seem rather mild, they actually seem fairly harsh when it comes to what you’d normally see from a Watch With Kristin post on the CW.

I don’t have any opinion on the show and haven’t seen the pilot or read the script and unfortunately, growing up in Washington, D.C. left me loathing all things political, whether they air on the CW or not.

My observation is that there are more than a few people within the media who write about television and aren’t happy that Body Politic wasn’t picked up at the upfronts and it seems heightened compared to anything else I’ve seen.  That observation could be wrong,  but for now it has me curious about the show’s ultimate fate.

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