Sure, ABC can have Jimmy Kimmel crack jokes about the competition at their upfront presentation, but only at CBS’s meeting will the executives be talking smack about the competition!

First, we’ve heard this before from Les Moonves, but like his network, he knows what works for him and he keeps coming back to it:

[Moonves said] “There’s a difference between the business model being broke and not being able to find any hit shows for years,” Mr. Moonves added, alluding to NBC replacing scripted programming at 10 p.m. with a new Jay Leno show weeknights.

But CBS was spreading the smack talk around, this is directed at Turner, which has been a public leader in arguing for the equalizing of broadcast and cable advertising rates:

CBS President for Sales Jo Ann Ross declared network TV “the best investment for all those budgets,” comparing the “folding chairs at the Hammerstein Ballroom,” where Turner held its presentation earlier in the day, with the plush seats at Carnegie Hall.


via TVWeek

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