CBS has now above its level in all the demographic groups we track this season vs. last season. Of course, at this point last season, most of the networks were scrambling to air something besides dead air during the WGA strike, but none of the other networks has recovered to the extent that CBS has.

ABC while down vs. last season has begun to improve its year to year comparisons. That’s likely to continue, the network just got crushed last spring during the strike. The CW remains significantly down vs. last season as well but also improved a bit since last week. With the deadweight of the Sunday collapse still weighing them down, they may not be able to make much progress vs. last season even though it was damaged by the WGA strike.

Fox improved a bit since last week, and NBC fell a bit since last week. Now that the Super Bowl has boosted NBC’s season to date averages, just as it did Fox’s last season, both of their comparisons on a season to season basis cannot be relied upon directly. I’m ignoring their absolute change from last season at this point, so should you. 

Univision is up across the board vs. last season as is MyNetworkTV (MNT). They’re up drastically over last season, thanks mainly to the addition of Friday Night Smackdown!. Note just their numbers, because their bars are truncated. The scale for the other networks would be useless if I adjusted the scale for them.

Our chart shows broadcast network prime-time season to date average prime-time viewership for the 2008-9 season compared to the 2007-8 season. Click the image for a full sized chart.

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