I’m behind on my reading today and just seeing Alan Sepinwall’s interview with Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak discussing last night’s episode, the current season and prospects for the future and more.  Here’s a blurb:

If “Chuck vs. the Ring” winds up being the last episode of the series, how do you think the fans will react?

They’re going to burn their living rooms. They’re going to destroy their television sets. There could be chaos across the country.

My feeling is I always love endings that get you excited about the next part of the story. Even if, God forbid, we weren’t brought back for the season, you would know there are great adventures out there going on for Chuck Bartowski, but it’s not something I can wrap my head around. I want to be able to tell those stories.


What’s it going to take for the show to come back, then?

It’s the television gods in some ways. We’re going to have to work with, hopefully our fans and critics can keep the drumbeat going, helping people realize how much people enjoy the show. NBC has been a real ally of the show. They’re big fans of it. It’s not like it’s been one of those relationships where we’ve constantly been at odds with the nework. They love the story we’re telling. There’s a lot of good wishes and good feelings towards the show.

I believe NBC really does love the show, despite it being produced by Warner Brothers.  They get to do things like they did last night when they featured that you could watch episodes of Chuck on NBC.com, as well as episodes of Quantum Leap.

Anyway, while I love Chuck, I’d be lying if I said I’m not tired of some of the comments.  The truth is, they make me want to shoot some of you, and then myself, with the tranquilizer dart gun!  So the  comments on this post are closed, but do read the full interview on Sepinwall’s site and do feel free to leave comments there! 🙂

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