When I posted the news that an NBC Executive had proclaimed that Heroes would definitely be returning next season on NBC, I thought “Hey, this is good news for all those possibly worried Heroes fans out there”.

Little did I think that it would also be construed as potentially bad news by Chuck fans. Here are some of the comments we got on that post:


My heart sunk when I saw this story on the front page, just because I feel like every success for every other show brings Chuck just a little closer to cancellation.

Chuck!! I want Chuck for another season!!

WHO CARES ABOUT HEROES!? What about CHUCK!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Cast of NBC's "Chuck"To Chuck fans, I understand your anxiety over getting a new season, particularly since NBC is eliminating 5 hours of primetime by scheduling Jay Leno every weekday at 10pm, it might seem like every positive decision for a show that NBC makes for one of its other shows is in a “zero sum” way a negative decision for Chuck. But I think your worries about the Heroes announcement are misplaced. First of all, not only do I think Chuck is in pretty good shape for renewal, but since I never thought Heroes was in any danger of not being renewed the announcement shouldn’t worry you.

These are some things that should make you worry if they happen:

1. If Kath & Kim gets renewed (although I think it’s unlikely). That really could be a zero sum negative decision for Chuck, since I don’t expect it to be renewed.

2. If My Name is Earl DOESN’T get renewed. Although it’s unlikely to be announced enough ahead of time to allow you any worrying time, since Earl and Chuck are 8pm shows that have done almost identically well, not renewing Earl could signal that Chuck will share the same fate.

3. If Law & Order gets renewed and starts in the Fall. I think L&O is right on the bubble for next season, and the only way it fits into NBC’s schedule at all is after football season. If NBC announces its coming back in the fall, that hour has to come from somewhere, grab your worry beads. Edit: Ditto any announcement of Medium starting in the Fall, although I do expect it  to be renewed.

4. If the new shows Parks & Recreation, Southland Castle and Kings all do really well. Based on the Silverman-era track record with scripted shows that’s a long shot, but it would be bad news for Chuck.

5. Including the new shows, if NBC announces more than 1.5 hours of new scripted shows picked up for next fall, that’s really bad news for somebody, and possibly Chuck. Since NBC doesn’t look like its going to put any scripted shows (besides, maybe FNL) on Friday or Saturday nights, it will have 8 hours of primetime on Monday-Thursday to fill. Office, 30 Rock, Heroes, Law & Order:SVU, Biggest Loser, Chuck and My Name is Earl would take up 6.5 hours. More than 1.5 hours of new shows means something from that list has got to go.

Well, there you have it, if you’re into worrying there’s no reason to stop, just worry about the right things and let the Heroes fans be happy 😉

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