Ellie and Captain Awesome on NBC's "Chuck"

Yes, I love the show Chuck.  Yes, I write about Chuck a lot.  I’m not ashamed of it.  Yes, I write more about Chuck because a.) it’s on the bubble and b.) I watch the show and enjoy it.  While I don’t think my love of Chuck has impaired my judgment of the renewal prospects for the show, it has certainly influenced the frequency of Chuck posts.    I won’t deny that.  And though I understand that might annoy some of you, you’ll get over it.

We have Chuck on the bubble really only because of Jay Leno taking five hours of the schedule next fall.  Otherwise, we’d be predicting renewal.  And unless Bill watched about 20 episodes of Chuck on his iPhone while he was in Mexico, Bill isn’t the unabashed fan of the show I am.  He still comes to the same conclusions on the show’s prospects.  He doesn’t know what will happen either.

Neither do the people on the cast and crew.  Sure, we have one guy in the comments who says he hears the show is going to be renewed, but in terms of that intel being any good, I’d lean towards thinking he’s just a super-huge-Chuck fan, who like me, hopes the show comes back.   What we hear that I’d give complete credibility to is the following:

  • Cast and crew hasn’t heard anything yet
  • The sets haven’t been dismantled yet

Good sources at the Warner Brothers lot tell me the sets haven’t been dismantled yet.  That doesn’t mean the show has been renewed.  But it does very likely mean no decision to cancel it has been made yet either.   I think it’s fair to assume that WB and NBC are still negotiating and that no decision has been made.

Bill and I got a nice note from Ryan McPartlin who plays the role of Devon “Captain Awesome”  Woodcomb on Chuck.  He and the rest of the cast are apparently still as much in the dark as the rest of us, but McPartlin is very appreciative of the outpouring of support for the show on the Internet, and hopeful that the show’s momentum (it picked up a couple of ticks among adults 18-49 year olds last Monday) carries into the season finale.

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