from our pal Brian Stelter in an article that will be in  Monday’s New York Times:

Once upon a time, cable channels were embarrassed by on-air outbursts or other anchor antics. Now, some are glad to post the video clips on the Internet as quickly as possible to maximize publicity and Web traffic.

On Thursday, CNBC swiftly uploaded a televised rant by Rick Santelli about President Obama’s plans to address the housing crisis. By doing so, the network injected the reporter’s opinions publicly, and the widely replayed video clip even provoked a response from the White House the next day.


A few hundred thousand viewers were watching the exchange broadcast, and it was immediately magnified by the Internet. Within minutes, CNBC posted the clip on and promoted it on the network’s home page.

Within hours, the video was the lead story on The Drudge Report and elsewhere. By Sunday, it had been viewed nearly 1.7 million times, making it’s most popular video clip ever. – read the rest on The New York Times web site.

Here’s the clip:

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