What a difference a day makes, I posted yesterday about the big boost CNN received during the Michael Jackson Memorial coverage, but a day later it was substantially gone.

As is typical during big news events, CNN captures an outsized portion of the casual TV news viewers who’d ordinarily not be tuned into any TV news at all. That happened Tuesday for the Jackson Memorial coverage when CNN averaged 5.3 million viewers from 1-4pm Eastern, vs. just 2.23 million for Fox News and 1.393 million for MSNBC. But a day later during the same time period, CNN’s audience was down 84% to 826,000 viewers. MSNBC did a bit better, hanging onto 79% of its audience. Fox News, which didn’t get nearly the Jackson boost, had less of a fall, losing 46% of its audience during the same time period.


Similarly, among the adults 25-54 demographic targeted by cable news advertisers, CNN lost 90% of the audience it had during the Jackson Memorial afternoon. The competition also lost relatively more of their boosted demo audience as well, MSNBC falling 88% and Fox News falling 62%.


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