While Conan O’brien’s debut as host of The Tonight Show last week went about as expected — a good start with consecutive declines, a new week brings new headlines.   In the metered market household rating numbers for Monday night, only a tenth of a ratings point separated  The Late Show (3.0) from The Tonight Show (3.1).

Howard Stern fans will likely ascribe Dave catching up to Stern’s popularity rather than any success on Dave’s part (other than having him on) or failure on Conan’s part.

I am expecting massive amounts of speculation, and that the “Will NBC pull Jay Leno from prime-time and put him back at 11:30pm?” speculation will commence even before Leno has hosted his first show in prime-time in September.

While I’d say there’s no chance Leno won’t be hosting his new show in prime-time come September, let the speculation begin!

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