Burn Notice returns with its season three premiere on Thursday,  June 4th at 9pm.   It’s a new and one hour earlier time slot.   burn-notice-dvd-season-2We were able to line up a bag of Burn Notice goodies to celebrate its return, so we’re going to have a contest to give it away.

What’s in the bag?

  • Branded Burn Notice Bag with:
  • Burn Notice Season 1 DVD
  • Burn Notice Season 2 DVD
  • Burn Notice Frisbee
  • Burn Notice Suntan Lotion Pack
  • Burn Notice Novel “The Fix”
  • Burn Notice Money Clip Tool

What do you have to do to win?

Guess the number of viewers the season premiere episode on June 4 averages on a live plus same day DVR viewing basis and post them in the comments below.    

Make your predictions out to two decimal places (ex.: 6.38 million viewers).

A few rules:

  1. Guesses must be posted prior to 9pm ET on June 4.
  2. You need to use a real e-mail address you can be reached at in the comments, otherwise we won’t have any way to contact you to get your address so you can be shipped your prize
  3. Update: The contest is only open to people who live in the United States. We love our international friends, but the promotion is in support of the US premiere and they will not ship the prize package outside of the US.
  4. We’re going to do this The Price is Right style, whoever comes closest, without going over wins!
  5. In the event of a tie, whoever posted the guess first wins, so you’ll want to look at the predictions before yours to make sure you’re not making a guess somebody has already made
  6. You can only make ONE guess!

burn-notice-5-in-1-moneyclipSure, it would be nice if I put together a table of all the Live+SD viewer averages for the first two seasons, but it’s summer and I’m sort of slacking.  But you can look up the episode dates on Wikipedia, which also has the viewer numbers (out to one decimal place) and then comb our weekly cable numbers if you’re very interested in seeing the results out to two decimal places.

I’m going with 6.38 million, but since I am not eligible to win the prize you can steal my guess.  I would’ve kind of liked the money clip tool!

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