In an article about the CW’s 2009-10 season comes this strategy nugget:

One broadcast network, CW, is devoting its promotional campaign for the 2009-10 season to the changing nature of TV viewership. The campaign will carry the theme “TV to talk about,” a line that will change from ad to ad to include iterations like “TV to text about,” “blog about,” “chat about” and even “tweet about.”

Isn’t creating shows that people will, you know, watch the typical strategy?

And the CW still has the PR magic, note the mantra that is often repeated by the TV press about the unmeasurable “buzz” vs. the measurable “audiences”:

The theme of the campaign also reflects how successful CW executives have been in scheduling series like “Gossip Girl” that generate some of the most pervasive buzz for any new prime-time shows — even if not they do not attract commensurately outsize audiences.


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