The good news for Damages is that more people watched the finale than had been watching on average for the season, the bad news is that relatively speaking, not very many people watched.  From James Hibberd:

The second-season finale of FX’s “Damages” was notably lower than its first-season closer. Wednesday night’s “Damages” pulled 1 million viewers, 500,000 of which were adults 18-49. That’s down 32% in the demo from last season; though, as one would expect, the finale was above average (by 11%) compared with its overall average

My guess is that the actual number is slightly less than a million and that this is rounded up.  We might not know for sure until Tuesday, but either way it was more than 100,000 more viewers than last Wednesday’s episode.   Hibberd says the show is considered safe despite the dropoff because a 3rd season was announced at the same time as a second season.

It will be interesting to see just how safe it is.  Beyond the ratings (which are lousy), the show brings in some critical acclaim, which might be a big deal for FX.  DVD sales might also factor into it, and though the numbers are low, it’s a good bet that Damages scores well with high-income viewers.

Here’s a comparison of last week’s viewer numbers for Damages and Breaking Bad.

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