Does Super Bowl advertising work? Apparently, when it comes to FREE food the answer is a resounding yes. Advertising Age has an article about how Denny’s first Super Bowl ad offering free Grand Slam breakfasts today to one and all surpassed even Denny’s expectations. Denny’s estimate was that it would reel in two million people with the eight-hour free offer. From the article:

“The response has been even better than we thought,” said John Dillon, VP-marketing at Denny’s. “We thought we were going to have a great day, and we had an awesome day. The response from customers both existing and new guests, as well as our staff and the restaurants, we couldn’t have asked for more.” The company estimates that the entire promotion, from Super Bowl ad buy to food costs, will total about $5 million.


“But given the state of the economy, it’s not surprising,” he said. “A free meal is a free meal.”

If you compute the response based on average viewers of the Super Bowl at any minute, Denny’s reeled in more than 2% of them. And sure, a free meal is a free meal, but that’s still a pretty good response rate. We don’t know how many meals they served, other than the 2 million Denny’s expected. The only missing piece of data is how many meals of any kind Denny’s typically serves on a Tuesday during those 8 hours.

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