Everything seems to be crashing.  Our web site crashed.  For about an hour and fifteen minutes.  That sucked, very badly for me and at least a tiny bit for anyone wanting to get to our site.  The stock market is crashing and as I write this the market has closed and is at levels not seen since 1997 when Buffy the Vampire Slayer launched.  That sucks worse than our site crashing and impacts a gazillion more people than our web site being down.   And not that you couldn’t see it coming, but it’s still lousy.

I feel similarly about the demise of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  I know it’s finished after this year.  I know some fans will get into the SciFi channel, can DirecTV save Sarah Connnor style frenzy, but I don’t see any salvation for this Terminator.  And it’s lousy and while probably not as lousy as the stock market, bound to make way more people unhappy than our web site crashing.

But what about Dollhouse?  Last week’s numbers at least give some wiggle room for hope.  Not a huge amount of room to maneuver but enough to hope for another week.    Unfortunately for Joss Whedon, only the stock market is like 1997.  Tonight, will there be ratings slippage for Dollhouse from the series premiere?  Will all the talk  about it being the day before Valentine’s Day, Friday the 13th, and lots of Dollhouse (and Sarah Connor) fans being at the Friday the 13th movie prove to be merely jibber jabber? Or will it prove correct?

Probably jibber jabber. Still,it’s nice to have hope and Dollhouse fans can have it at least until around noon eastern time tomorrow when we see the ratings for tonight, and hopefully longer.

Update: Commenter Jeff G notes:

The chance for the show to perform better this evening is at its best. CBS will be reruns. It will be interesting to see where viewers go.

Update Feb 20, 10:20p PT: Tonight’s episode was better (in quality, won’t know the ratings until tomorrow), but I’m not sure it’s a good sign that my absolute favorite part of the hour was the Dollhouse/Dushku themed Hulu advertisment.  Here it is for any who missed it:

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