I have gotten several emails requesting more posts about Chuck. Specifically people want to know:

  • Will there be more posts about Chuck?
  • What do we think Chuck’s prospects for next year are?
  • Can Chuck survive a 10 month layoff?

First, completely independent of Chuck, no matter what the bubble show, this site is going to wind up writing a lot about bubble shows. On ESPN, you can be sure if someone tests positive for steroids, or the wind blows in the direction of a Brett Favre return, ESPN will focus on it obsessively. You should expect that sort of obsession here, mainly as it pertains to “bubble” shows.  So, of course there will be more posts about Dollhouse, Chuck, and Ugly Betty.

There will not be posts about Chuck every day, or even likely once a week. Despite the fifteen days of Chuck, this really isn’t a Chuck fan site. Next season, there will surely ultimately be plenty of posts about Chuck.

I don’t think anything about Chuck’s renewal was particularly optimal other than that it was renewed. Ideally it would’ve been picked up for 22 episodes and begin airing in the fall. That didn’t happen. Though I do believe the schedule could still change, if it doesn’t, I do think Chuck can survive a 10 month layoff, especially if it is promoted well during the winter Olympics. Unless there is some deal where at the last minute the President wants to take the airways at 8pm the first Monday following the Olympics and preempts Chuck.

As for what I think Chuck and Dollhouse‘s prospects are for the next season?  It’ll be at least four months before either of them airs again.  I didn’t see the need to begin speculating before, say, Burn Notice returns on June 4!

It’ll be a long summer, I’m sure there will be a couple of Chuck and Dollhouse posts…

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