Fandering is like pandering, but when you’re doing it to fans of TV shows.  This usually happens when the shows themselves pander to the fans, but I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about this…

Kristin Dos Santos writes:

Do you think Friday Night Lights deserves more time on the air? If you believe in the show, please post in the comments. FNL needs all the support it can get from us fans!

I’d have hoped she’d learned her lesson after Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone, but nope.    I like Kristin’s blog, but I’m really against that sort of fandering.  I’d love to see Friday Night Lights come back.  That’d be great (and I did talk to Stacey Oristano who plays Mindy Collette today – that interview will go up on Friday) and  I’d love to see the show renewed.

But I call fandering on Kristin and I also call BS.   I know some will think that’s rude.  But I don’t think it’s as rude as trying to convince people that something that is meaningless is meaningful, especially when there is actually something  meaningful fans can do.  A million comments in the next two weeks won’t matter (to anyone except Kristin/E Online), but a million fans doing things like this in the next two weeks will matter:

  • Call DirecTV and say you’re going to switch to DirecTV, but only if they bring back Friday Night Lights.  And mean it.
  • Go buy the DVDs.  If even 500,000 buy both seasons in the next two weeks, that will work too

Those are meaningful and real ways to show support that might actually make a difference and if you’ve already done those things (or downloaded off iTunes or Amazon) you’ve already done all you can do.  For everyone else, commenting on a blog about it is exactly as effective as doing nothing at all.

Why do something when doing absolutely nothing will achieve the same results?

I don’t believe in comment begging, and I’ve turned comments off for this post.   But if you’d rather be fandered to, by all means, please, give Kristin and Ausiello the comments they so crave.

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