I’ve never watched I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here (or The Hills), and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. We’ll have to see how it plays out, but so far, I think all the free pub NBC has gotten out of  it is one of the few good moves NBC has made in recent history.  Casting the fame hungry Heidi and Spencer seems brilliant.

I’m not sure what their claim to fame is, but it seems their claim to fame is being fame hungry drama queens and kings. And whatever they’re saying publicly, on the show, or anywhere else, the fame hungry are smart enough to realize five or six million people on average watching on NBC is a lot more people than ever saw them on MTV.  I could never see them deliberately giving up that exposure.

I’ve seen some complaining and lamenting on the interwebs  (here’s a nice summary of the internet bashing) about the possibility that all the drama has been prefabricated.   So?!  Shows like this,  Celebrity Apprentice and even Survivor and Hell’s Kitchen, are supposed to be entertaining.   All of those shows have some “scripted elements”  to them and if it turns out that Heidi and Spencer have been deliberately put up to the whining and polarizing behavior, as long as it’s generating ratings for NBC, who cares?

It’s not in the same realm for me as if I heard Lance Armstrong tested positive for HGH.  Does a show like I’m a Celebrity… really need to be held to higher standard than WWE RAW or the MTV Movie Awards?

Despite the contents of the video clip, barring 50% adults 18-49 ratings drops, I can’t imagine a scenario where NBC will say, “No, you can’t be on the show!”  But if NBC really can make them sleep with spiders and other creepy crawlers as penance, that doesn’t bother me any either.

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