Long time readers know that I have been searching for some sort of TV ratings game that I can run on the site on both a weekly and a seasonal basis.

I’m happy to report that I’ve ironed out a few of the kinks that we found over the the two test weeks, and things are looking good for using the software for one (or maybe more) games come September when the new broadcast season begins. (although some kinks still remain, the headings below that read “Wee” should be “Week Ending June 12” and “Week Ending June 19”.)

Below are the results for the first week’s guessing where readers were asked to guess the adults 18-49 finish for six different original shows broadcast primetime shows for the week ending June 12.

Scoring was set up to reward points based on the number of correct position guesses (currently 40 points for all, 20 for 5 correct, 10 for 4 correct, 5 for 3 correct and 2 for 2 correct) I may change those weightings in the future.

67 players got the exactly correct order and scored 40 points, and so on.

The first table contains the most frequent predictions, the second contains the list of players and how they scored for the week. You’ll have to select “Week Ending June 12” from the menu to see the show finish order for the week referenced, if you choose “Week Ending June 19” you’ll see just the selections made for this week (selections now closed).

[motorracingleague stats=1]

[motorracingleague results=1]

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