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While ABC’s adults 18-49 ratings win for the week chipped away at Fox’s season to date lead, if Fox continues to place a close second it will easily hang onto the seasonal lead until American Idol and 24 arrive and its annual spring ratings beatdowns resume.

Fox continued to stretch its season lead in adults 18-34. This season is shaping up to be a huge margin of victory for them in that demo. CBS increased its 25-54 lead over Fox, but ABC closed the gap between them and CBS ever so slightly. In average viewership, CBS increased its lead over ABC by the tiniest of margins. No reason to believe they will not win that category again this season.


You can see past week’s broadcast network primetime season to date average TV ratings results here.

Ratings Increase / Decrease: 2009-10 Season vs. 2008-9 Season

The biggest change since last week is that CBS can no longer claim increases in any of the broad ratings demographics vs. last season. They are now down or flat in all of them.

Fox continues to be the only English broadcast network up in all categories vs. last season. While they were certainly helped by a big improvement in the World Series numbers, they were well ahead of last season before the baseball playoffs began. The CW is ahead vs. last season in adults 18-34, but they should be well ahead of last season across the board considering their automatic boost to their seasonal ratings averages just by dumping Sunday nights. Compared to last season, the CW’s current situation is a disappointment.


Each rating point is a percentage of the US TV population in that demographic group and equals: 2.90 million viewers, 1.32 million adults 18-49, 0.68 million adults 18-34 and 1.24 million adults 25-54.

Note that the chart includes RATINGS not VIEWERSHIP as was typical in our weekly network ratings posts prior to July, 2009.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2009 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

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