Fox has passed ABC and is now #2 for average viewership for the season. After 20 weeks of the 2008-9 season, through February 8, 2009, Fox has an average of 8.57 million average viewers to ABC’s 8.45 million. CBS continues to hold the average viewership lead for the season, and while Fox ate into it slightly last week, there’s no chance CBS will lose the lead this season.

Fox continues to hold the season to date lead in adults 18-49, and is not likely to be dethroned, Fox averages 4.04 million adults 18-49 to CBS’s 3.90 million. Fox continues to hold the top spot for adults 18-34, and will likely continue to stretch that lead going forward. NBC season averages are boosted tremendously from the Super Bowl, they’re not doing nearly as well as those averages would make it appear on an ongoing basis.

CBS has the most average adults 25-54 with 4.81 million, followed by Fox with 4.33 million. I don’t see Fox beating CBS in adults 25-54 for the season, but it’s not out of the question. With an average of 1.90 million Fox occupies the top for adults 18-34 followed by NBC with 1.69 million and ABC with 1.48 million.


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