The tea leaves have me fearing that the bubble might have already burst for In Treatment.  From Broadcasting & Cable:

The future of In Treatment has yet to be decided. Producers and HBO executives will meet this week to discuss the possibility of a third season. The Gabriel Byrne drama attracts a small audience, averaging about 1.6 million viewers. While the show is cheap to produce, a third season would be significantly more expensive. More writers would have to be hired to create scripts, as HBO has now exhausted all of the material from the original Israeli series. And Byrne’s rate would likely increase. The actor has talked openly about his fatigue due to the show’s arduous shooting schedule.

[HBO Programming Group President Michael ] Lombardo declines to characterize prospects for renewal, but he stresses that In Treatment‘s passionate fan base is a factor.

For those of you interested in Treme and Hung, you should read the full story.

I did not watch season one of In Treatment, but I watched season two and really enjoyed it and I thought Alison Pill  was especially amazing.  She wouldn’t have been back on the show if there was another season anyway, but I’d still like to see another season.  Perhaps another week or two of strong DVD sales for season one of True Blood can subsidize it!

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