Actor Greg Grunberg who plays Matt Parkman on Heroes started yet another tempest in an interwebs teapot the other day with a status update he sent out on Twitter on Sunday morning.   If anything, fans should thank Greg because this seemingly set off a chain of events that got NBC to announce that it planned to renew Heroes for next year, albeit with fewer episodes.

But Greg is rightfully sticking by his guns because he never said the show would be canceled, he just said that he wasn’t sure if any or all would return next year (he hoped all) and only a few minutes later clarified “Don’t get me wrong, Heroes IS coming back next year…” But of course by Monday the Internets went crazy and sort of ignored the second message even though it was sent out a mere three minutes after the first!

Unlike some Knight Rider fans, however, Greg seems to believe in the methodology of the Renew or Cancel Index.  We don’t blame him, it doesn’t require any real-life super powers.   So you can go with Greg and the index, or you can hope that somehow the producers of Knight Rider are able to travel back in time and convince a couple of million more people to start watching the show last year.  The choice is yours.

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