From a USA Today article on The CW (mostly focusing on the backdoor spinoff for that airs in tomorrow’s Gossip Girl):

With Next Top Model as its top series, CW is now laser-focused on a narrow audience: women 18 to 34. Shows such as One Tree Hilland Gossip Girl found buzz, if not ratings, by appealing to that crowd and setting trends in music and fashion. And a remake of Beverly Hills,90210 premiered strongly last fall, though its ratings have since dropped by more than 60%.

“We found that this was white space where (that audience) wasn’t spoken to specifically, certainly not in the broadcast arena,” says CW chief Dawn Ostroff. Yet only one in five of CW’s viewers falls into that category, and CW — like WB — is still perceived as a network for teenage girls, the subjects of many of its shows.

With on-the-bubble Privileged looking increasingly likely to survive, the Gossip Girl spinoff is one of six dramas being considered for three available time slots on the network’s weekday lineup. Though a Hollywood website last week pronounced the project “dead,” Nancy Tellem, a top executive at CW parent CBS, which owns the network with Warner Bros., says the show is “definitely still a contender.”

Looking at the numbers, I do understand where Bill is coming from.  While Bill gives Privileged zero hopes of returning, I would give it 2%-3% just because it’s the CW and Dawn is in charge.   If Privileged comes back, it will likely wreak some havoc with the way renew or cancel posts are brazenly headlined.   If I had to bet between kinder and gentler Renew/Cancel index headlines and brazen, my money is on brazen!

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