Ok, it’s still Sunday night here on the west coast, but soon it will be Monday and then it will be Monday at 8pm.  What should you do about that?

If you’re a Nielsen family you should watch Chuck live and DVR House and anything else on at 8pm you want to watch.  If you’re not a Nielsen family, realistically it probably doesn’t matter, so watch it however you feel like watching it and enjoy yourself.

While Bill is on vacation I have toyed with the idea of giving an extreme makeover to a “Save Chuck!” fan site, but it’s just not in me.  I hope NBC renews Chuck for a couple of reasons.  One, I’m a fan of the show and enjoy it.  But that’s not the primary reason I hope they renew it.  I’m selfish.  I don’t want to see and wade through all of the blog comments that will ensue if NBC doesn’t renew it.

The situation for those who haven’t been paying attention is that although under normal circumstances, based on its performance it would be renewed.  But because NBC is whacking hours out of the prime-time schedule that used to be available for scripted dramas in favor of Jay Leno, it seems like Chuck is on the bubble where NBC might want to renew it and might not.

I think, ultimately it will come down to a couple of things:

1.) Will Warner Brothers license it at a price where NBC says, “Oh hell yeah, we’d be crazy not to take that deal!”  Ok, so that’s an exaggeration.  More realistically it’s can Warner Brothers license it at a price that makes a lot of sense NBC while still making sense Warner Brothers.

2.) The unknown factor is what NBC thinks of the other pilots it has ordered. For more info on that see Julia’s post with links to The Futon Critic on all the networks’ pilots.  The good news (from a Chuck fan perspective) is because NBC cut five hours out of the schedule for Jay Leno they only ordered up about as many pilots as FOX.  FOX doesn’t broadcast nationally from 10pm-11pm so it makes sense that it has a lot fewer pilots ordered than ABC and CBS.  But with NBC having Leno on from 10pm-11pm  it makes sense for NBC to have fewer pilots, too.

Several people have asked me what I think will happen.  The truth is,  I really don’t have a good feel. I’m leaning towards renewal simply based on the numbers, which are about average for a downtrodden NBC.  Unfortunately the numbers don’t jump out at me in a “NBC would be crazy not to renew this show!” fashion and I really could see it going either way.

What I hope will happen is that at minimum NBC orders up 13 more episodes and goes from there.  There is definitely a case to be made for doing that, but how strong that case is I think will be impacted by what the licensing fees are and how NBC feels about its other pilots.  If NBC winds up not loving most of its pilots (and networks typically only pick up a relative few of the pilots they order) that will make the case even stronger.

But hope isn’t the same as knowing.

I know fans feel like they need to do something but I recommend against filling out petitions and sending stuff to the network.  That might make you feel better, but it probably won’t make a difference and at this point if you send a bunch of crap to the network, it might just tick them off.  Besides you want to keep that TRON poster on your wall rather than sending it to NBC anyway.  But there are a few things you can actually do that will at least help:

1.) watch the show

2.) tell all your friends to watch the show

3. BUY THE SEASON ONE DVD.  One thing I’m pretty sure of is that if 500,000 people went out and bought the season one DVD in the next couple of weeks, Warner Brothers would figure out how to price it in a way that NBC would want it.

For now, we have at least three more episodes of Chuck to enjoy and a little over three weeks of waiting before we find out what NBC does.   I know a lot of you want to jump to moving it to cable or the CW, but I’m content to wait and see what NBC does before jumping aboard those trains.

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