I confess. I don’t care about Jon.  Or Kate. Or the eight.  I know a lot of people get caught up in the lives of the highly fertile procreative, and I like sports talk, so I will definitely not disparage you if you’re one of them.  I’m no better than you.  I know celebrity wise it’s a big deal because in my periphery I’ve seen multiple articles on Kate’s hairstyle.  People obsess over hairstyles.  Jennifer Anniston, Princess Di, etc.  If Kate can be mentioned in the same breath as them, that’s great news for Kate (if she wants to be famous) and great news for TLC as last Monday’s ratings bore out  with Jon & Kate Plus 8 averaging 9.8 million people will lead everything on cable for last week other than the NBA playoffs — and it didn’t trail those by much.

Multiple sites reported on the the potential issues of child labor laws for the show last week, and I ignored it mostly because I don’t think there’s really much point in being a “me too” blog for those types of memes.  But today Radar Online is reporting that the show could be shut down altogether:

Jon and Kate Gosselin could be criminally prosecuted and their show faces being shut down as a result of an ongoing child labor law investigation by the state of Pennsylvania, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

Jon and Kate Gosselin could be criminally prosecuted and their show faces being shut down as a result of an ongoing child

Timothy M. Kolman, a Pennsylvania attorney specializing in labor and employment law for more than 20 years, told RadarOnline.com that last season’s 41 episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 could be considered the equivalent of temporary employment for the Gosselin kids. “The (state) law forbids temporary employment. The state does not authorize temporary employment under any circumstances for children this young,” Kolman told RadarOnline.com.

And if the state investigation categorizes the 41-episode as temporary employment, the Gosselins and the show face possible stiff penalties. (The Department of Labor will make the determination about temporary employment, says Kolman.)

I’m only hopping on board to say this: there is ZERO CHANCE this show is getting shut down.   Chances that Timothy M. Kolman (and it won’t surprise me if politicians in Pennsylvania crawl out of the woodwork) likes publicity? 100%!  Chances that TLC smiles every time it sees stories like that? 100%!

America’s fascination with Jon & Kate might abate, or they could simply get sick of the circus and bail out on further seasons.  But the money involved with so many people preoccupied with them seems to make that unlikely for a while.

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