It’s Joss Whedon interview week. He seems like a fairly stand-up guy and it’s fun to read his comments. Here are some snippet via an interview posted on, with some brief commentary from me after his responses:

TVWeek: You’ve been supportive of Fox’s decision to move “Dollhouse” to Fridays.

Mr. Whedon: At the end of the day the move isn’t about getting the fans. The fans are called fans—that’s already covered. That’s doesn’t mean they’ll all love [“Dollhouse”], but it means they’re more likely to check it out than Joe Blow. And we need Joe Blow.

If he had Sarah Palin as one of the dolls, he’d attract Joe Blow, Joe the Plumber, Average Joe, G.I. Joe, and at least 10 million others.

TVWeek: What shows on TV do you have to watch?

Mr. Whedon: “Battlestar [Galactica]” is back on, so, you know, life is worth living again. Other than “Battlestar,” I just moved, so I don’t have a TV and I’m behind. But “Terminator,” “30 Rock,” “The Office”—those are my bread and butter.

Doesn’t have a TV!

TVWeek: Did you watch “Moonlight”?

Mr. Whedon: I did not. I actually don’t love vampires. Anne Rice was definitely a life-changer. It was wonderful. But at the end of the day, I’ve really kind of had my fill.

honest, but perhaps alienating of the (significantly) less than 8 million people who are looking for something to watch at 9pm on Fridays as long as it isn’t on CBS.

TVWeek: Looking back, do you think the writers strike was worth it?

Mr. Whedon: Necessary. We lost. But I’m not going to say it wasn’t worth it. And to me personally, “Dr. Horrible” would have never happened, and my eyes would have never been opened to things that I was [previously] able to ignore. I was in a fortunate position, and now I feel that I have a much better handle on what’s necessary from people like me at this time in our industry.

Dr. Horrible was awesome, and so was casting Felicia Day. My guess is that the strike worked out better for Mr. Whedon than for many, many writers. Read the whole interview on

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