First Dollhouse was renewed, now this!  I had to donate $10 to and promise to post the cable numbers for ABC Family’s Greek in the weekly cable viewing reports because I lost bets on Dollhouse‘s renewal.

I would’ve made such bets again that Jon & Kate Plus 8’s stellar return on Monday night would lead next week’s weekly cable charts.  Fortunately I didn’t wind up with the time to make such bets before finding out I would’ve lost…again!

On Monday night Kobe & Carmello were a little bit greater than Kate.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 reeled in 9.8 million Monday night, but Monday’s Los Angeles Lakers/ Denver Nuggets Western Conference finals game four pulled in 9.9 million (9.88 million to be more precise).

The 9.88 million make it the most-watched NBA game ever on cable, and the most-watched basketball game of any kind (college or pro) on ESPN, easily surpassing last week’s 8.1 million for game one of the series.   Last year ESPN had the Eastern Conference finals, and game four of that series between the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons averaged 6.09 million, so this year’s Western Conference game four outpaced it in viewers by a whopping 62%!

More info about game four ratings is available on Multichannel News.

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