Robert and I are both fans of Jack Wakshlag, the head of research at Turner Broadcasting. Once again, he’s in the news speaking the truth that you never hear from the broadcast folks, that advertising supported cable has been and continues today to be the biggest threat to broadcast television, not DVRs or online viewing.

Compare his estimated loss next season for broadcast television of 10.5% of adults 18-49 to this season’s losses and gains.

Turner Broadcasting’s top research spinner, Jack Wakshlag, says the big four broadcast networks will see their ratings among the coveted 18-49 audience drop as much as 10.5% next season, almost twice the attrition endured in that demographic over the last several years. He lays some of the blame on Leno.

According to Wakshlag, Leno will cause a chunk of the under-50 crowd to flee, and many of them will go to cable instead of other broadcast networks.

more where that came from at the  Los Angeles Times.

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