Chicago Tribune TV columnist Maureen Ryan has posted some clips for NBC’s new comedy starring Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation.   I might watch it because when I was a kid I worked for the Fairfax County Park Authority for about seven years at a public golf course and park.

Anyway, it seems to be shaping up that Southland is looking like the only new NBC show that’s going to get much love from the critics.   But as we know, critical acclaim and ratings aren’t always aligned.  Mo hasn’t posted her full review yet, but said this about Parks and Recreation when posting the clips:

I’ll have a full review of the show in a couple of days. The kindest thing to say about it is that it’s a work in progress. I think what you’ll be seeing in a lot of reviews this week is the following sentiment: “The Office” took a while to find itself and “30 Rock” was far from a home run in its early going, and that may be the case with this show, which was created by “Office” writer/producers Greg Daniels and Michael Schur.

That’s a diplomatic way of saying that the pilot for “Parks and Recreation” is not terrific. But I’d guess that a lot of people who write about TV will try to be diplomatic in their reviews of the show, because Poehler is unquestionably a very funny person, as evidenced by her career at “Saturday Night Live.”

And no,  if Parks & Rec bombs, that won’t help Chuck‘s fate, but Mo is a huge Chuck fan.  If you want to see the Parks & Rec clips, click on over and show her some love.

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