So the NBC affiliates commission a study to see what people may do with Leno at 10pm, whether it will hurt their local newscasts or not. But why bother? They’re not going to prevent the Leno at 10 show from happening, and once it’s on the air they’ll have immediate real numbers as to what people are doing, not goofy poll numbers. And if it’s just a PR move, what’s their objective?

The NBC affiliates board was very pleased with the results of a comprehensive study it commissioned to find out how to best retain local-news viewers coming out of the Jay Leno 10 p.m. program, which launches in the fall.

The survey of some 3,000 news viewers in the 25-54 age group showed that “north of 50%” said they were interested in watching Leno, according to NBC affiliate board chairman Michael Fiorile.

Of that majority group, more than half said there was a “very strong likelihood” that they’d stick around to watch late news after Jay.

Fiorile would not share specific numbers, as the affiliates had not yet seen the results. But he said he was pleasantly surprised by them.

“It’s a high percentage,” he said. “If you hold onto more than 50% of your lead-in, you’re doing pretty good.”

via  Broadcasting & Cable.

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