While you won’t see a press release that says, “Kings and Chopping Block have lowest carbon footprint of any new shows in 2009  after three weeks,” I love the imaginary quotes from Silverman and Zucker it would generate.

“It turns out that there is an upside to our pitiful ratings: a very low carbon footprint!  We’re delighted with this news and very proud of the achievement,” said NBC programming honcho Ben Silverman.

“I think this is a major coup for NBC,” added Jeff Zucker, “So much of advertising is salesmanship that even with our woeful ratings, we’ll be able to spin things to our advantage in terms of advertising for green initiatives.

“We believe between our sad sack-ish ratings and the upcoming move with Jay Leno at 10pm next fall, we’ll be able to charge premium rates for green advertising not just despite the fact that our ratings suck, but because of it!”***

***Just to be really clear, I made all of that up.

But I’m not making up that NBC is striving to promote itself as the green network.  “Green lives here” is NBC Universal’s new slogan.

I won’t burden you with my take on global warming, besides I’m all for consuming less and recycling.  What I’m against is all the hypocrisy.  Though  NBC is certainly not close to being alone in the hypocrisy (or alone in capitalizing in making money by making you feel guilty) they likely burned more energy in this 20 second explosion yesterday than I’ll burn for a good long while.

In fairness this is an NBCU-wide initiative, and not just on the broadcast network.  NBCU’s USA Network is typically the dominant cable network during prime-time.

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