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Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein took aim at former Chairman Kevin Martin over what Adelstein called the “no brainer” approval of the spin-off of Time Warner’s cable assets.

In an interview for C-SPAN’s The Communicators series, Adelstein pointed out that it had taken the FCC over 220 days to hold up what he said should have essentially been a “rubber stamp” approval of a routine spin-off, calling its hold-up an abuse of power.

“That was being held up over an unrelated issue,” he said. “The previous chairman felt he was going to take unrelated issues like a la carte and try to force them into what would otherwise be a rubber stamp. Now, I’m not one to rubber stamp media transactions, but this was deconsolidation. This was a cable company dealing with a lot of the problems Congress was concerned about with integrated cable companies that had programming and distribution.” – read the rest on

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